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This nomination nonsense is all inside baseball, and won’t be remembered once an election is called.

Here is is true challenge.

You see, there are two strategies for gaining status in an organization.

The first is to build a broad but shallow network driven by traditional leadership qualities. One establishes themselves as some combination of capable and “hell of a guy”. For the purposes of this post, I’ll call them “pro-social” individuals.

The second common strategy is to establish deep connections to a few, and driving others out of the organisation. It’s individually effective, but tends to shrink organizations over time. I’ll refer to these people as “cunts” here.

So the big problem the Ontario PCs were facing under Hudak in 2014 is that it had been taken over by “cunts”. Most of the “pro-social” Conservatives had been lured to Ottawa, and the OPC was in the sorry state where volunteers were being turned away because growing the organization’s power would dilute the influence of the “cunts”.

Naturally this ended as an embarrassing disaster.

Christine Elliott was the heir apparent, and the “cunts” flooded in and took it over. The OPC was in sorry state thanks to their actions — down to less than 10,000 members in a large province where the federal party had over 100,000 members.

By connecting with new members and the excluded, Brown cruised to a massive victory.

However as opposition leader he needed experienced staff. And sadly many of the “cunts” who drove the Elliot campaign into the ground have taken up key positions.

So growing the campaign team will be a huge problem in the next election. Brown is up in the polls and the “cunts” feel entitled to key positions. So they’ll try to drive out any competent individuals will be competition.

His only hope is to have staff that will watch for bad apples leading up to the campaign and move them to safer positions.

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So Chinese scientists have successfully started genetically modifying human embryos.

Chinese scientists modify human embryos

As a society there are a lot of important conversations we need to have, and the current media is made up of a bunch of dumb twats with the right relatives, so it’ll be difficult.

There’s a lot of good we can do. Natives on reserves often need to go dry because they lack genes for alcoholism resistance.

It can be controversial to state that so bluntly, but it’s not scientifically controversial.

But we’re in an era were that’s fixable with a major government program. Is it something we should launch? Sadly politics today is split between self destructive virtue signaling and questions about “what’s in it for me”.

But this situation can’t last. Disease resistance is the least controversial modification. Boosting IQ is probably less than twenty years away

And bluntly history has shown that the twenty first century will belong to the society that isn’t run by complete fucking pussies.

And yet in Ontario, deregulating inter city transport is seen as too edgy to discuss.

So I have to worry about what the future holds.

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I think that everyone has one trope in fiction that they can’t stand and just breaks immersion for them.

Mine in the Mafia super soldier.

You see, we have a capitalist system. People involved in organised crime are, on some level, losers. They are using their willingness to engage in violence to compensate for their failures in other areas.

The best mobster fiction implicitly acknowledges this. Tony Soprano could have never succeeded in legitimate business. Michael Corleone’s efforts to legitimize the family ultimately failed.

I just can’t accept that an invincible semi supernatural super soldier decided that the best way to support himself was to work for some low level mobsters in North Dakota. You need to explain that shit.

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First, the basics. Access video / audio using GetUserMedia.

navigator.getUserMedia = navigator.getUserMedia || navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia;
window.createObjectURL = URL.createObjectURL || webkitURL.createObjectURL;
var video_el;
var showVideo = function() {
    video_el = $('#localVideo')[0];
            video: 'true',
            audio: 'true'
            var url = createObjectURL(stream);
            video_el.src = url;
        function(err) {
            console.error("Stream Error", err)
    $('#btnShowVideo').on('click', showVideo);

Key points: calling `navigator.getUserMedia` as `window.getUserMedia` will throw an illegal invocation error. `Function.prototype.bind` doesn’t seem to help.

<div><video id='localVideo' autoplay='true'></video></div>
<div><button id='btnShowVideo'>Show Video</button></div>

Just a video element and a button. Note the `autoplay=true`. Without that it will just load the first frame.

At this point you should be able to see the feed from your webcam in your browser.

To go farther we need two more functions, `RTCPeerConnection` & `RTCSessionDescription`

Naturally they are also prefixed….

var peerConnection = window.RTCPeerConnection || window.mozRTCPeerConnection || 
                    window.webkitRTCPeerConnection || window.msRTCPeerConnection;
var sessionDescription = window.RTCSessionDescription || window.mozRTCSessionDescription ||
                    window.webkitRTCSessionDescription || window.msRTCSessionDescription;

To mix things up, here’s the code on

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Effective Angular.js

This post is about some strategies I’ve found with working with Angular.

First, it’s important to understand references and object lifecycle.

Programmers who come from back end web development frequently don’t have a solid grasp on these.

Look at the following code

app.factory('DataService', function($interval){
    var service = {};
    service.ticker = 0;
    }, 1000);
.controller('Controller1', function($scope, DataService){
    $scope.ticker = DataService.ticker;
.controller('Controller2', function($scope, DataService){
    $scope.DataService = DataService;
<div ng-controller='Controller1'>
<div ng-controller='Controller2'>

Obviously I trimmed some of the boilderplate.

What happens when you run this code?

The first div will show 0. The second div will start at 0 and tick up every second.

Why? The second controller is accessing the ticker value through a reference. So it’s the same as the variable in the service.

Now instead look at the following HTML.

<div ng-controller='Controller2'>
    <div ng-if="DataService.ticker % 2 == 0">
        <div ng-controller='Controller1'>

What happens this time? Ticker increments by 2 every 2 seconds.


Because the controller is re-created every time ng-if switches from `false` to `true`.

So knowing this, here’s an important fact.

If you’re on mobile, where network connections have very high latency, you want to avoid fetching / storing data in your controllers.

Instead, keep your data in services in shared arrays. Angular’s dirty checking will take care of updating your scopes.

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I was trying to use ng-animate in a new project. It’s always a tricky piece of software.

After the 1.2 re-write it works by adding and removing classes on timers for various directives. This can have some unexpected side effects.

Consider the following code on plunker

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script data-require="angular.js@*" data-semver="1.4.0-rc.0" src=""></script>
    <script data-require="angular-animate@1.4.0-rc.0" data-semver="1.4.0-rc.0" src=""></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
    <script src="script.js"></script>
  <body ng-app='myApp'>
    <div ng-controller='MainCtrl'>
      <button ng-click='nextSet()'>Swap List</button>
      <div ng-repeat='item in data_set' class='list-item'>
var sample_data = [
angular.module('myApp', ['ngAnimate']).controller(
  'MainCtrl', function($scope){
    var current_set = 0;
    $scope.data_set = sample_data[0];
    $scope.nextSet = function(){
      current_set = (current_set + 1) % 2;
      $scope.data_set = sample_data[current_set];
.list-item {
  transition: transform .2s ease-in-out;
  transform: translateZ(40px);
  color: blue;
body {
  perspective: 200px;
  perspective-origin:0% 50%;

You’ll notice an odd bug while playing with it. When you switch the lists there’s a delay in removing the old items.

If you remove the ‘ngAnimate’ injection then it goes away, and it works normally.

Odd, right?

What’s happening is that the classes / attributes ng-animate is adding are trigger the ‘transition’ css line and delaying removal by .2s.

What’s the fix? The following works.

[data-ng-animate].list-item {


data-ng-animate isn’t documented, so it’s probably going to break in the future. If it does, use the Chrome “break on attribute changes” feature in chrome to inspect what’s happening and use appropriate new CSS.

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This post is here to potentially save someone elses sanity.

MacOS 9 had a case insensitive file system that preserved case. So say you had ‘Foo.txt’. ‘vim foo.txt’ would open ‘Foo.txt’.

OS X, by default, still has this behaviour. You can create a case sensitive (CS) HFS+ partition if you want to, but it doesn’t ship with one.

This is important, because Mac installers occasionally fail on case sensitive filesystems. Trying to install X-Com from Steam on a CS drive left half the files in X-Com and the other half in X-COM.

In a subtle change, iOS is case sensitive.

So if you’re developing a Cordova / PhoneGap app, and refer to a file named “Foo.js” as “foo.js” it will work perfectly in browser. It will work perfectly in the simulator. It will fail on device.

Here’s another huge source of “fun”. Git won’t recognise case changes on a case insensitive file system without passing the correct options.

So you’ll change the case on one of your files, everything will work perfectly for you, and a linux user will check out your code and have files in different cases than you see on your local filesystem.

Be warned, this will bite you.

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With the primaries in the US and the leadership race in Ontario someone needs to use the following speech idea…

Picture this, in response to a question about how you plan to win.

Let me be brief. In this campaign I need to appeal to the base, but also motivate and expand the base. And do you know why? Let me explain.

I’m all about that base. About that base. No treble.

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Ok here’s an experiment I’d like to see someone run. First, find a group of Mac users who have never used XCode. Then run the following experiment.


Disable internet on the laptop. Open XCode, create a new tab based iOS project. Double click on the storyboard to open it.

Now, hand the laptop to the subject. You are not allowed to open any panels for them prior to handing over the laptop.

Their goal is to add a 3rd tab screen to the app. They have as much time as they want. Offering a cash prize to the fastest person is recommended, as they are likely to give up after the first hour.

I have never seen someone do it without being shown or watching a youtube video.

XCode is the least discoverable GUI program I’ve ever encountered.